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Erica's Notes: iPad Revolution and Apps in the Classroom

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The big thing I forgot: Start each unit by making a list of questions to ask kids. Make deep questions you've never asked before.

This is an idea, a work in progress:

What about a day where the classroom teachers present, we attend. We can sign-up for "workshops" etc. Maybe the "PLC" activities leading up allow for time to prepare?

I put this out's a risk....I am trying to be a Growth Mindset person.....

Engaging Students in Digital Classrooms ~ Writing

Young Writers Project
  • Writing is tied in to every learning experience!

6 Word Story (Hemmingway):
Six words… includes problem
Coffee stains shirt; OxyClean at home

Paint chip story:
Get free paint chip strips at hardware store. Have kids write a story including names of paint to describe items within their story

Photo Prompt:
Choose a photo that tickles your imagination. Think about it. Then write. You have seven minutes. The aim is to get out as much as possible. Don't revise, don't worry, just write.

Sound Prompt:
We will play this piece for a minute or so to get you into the mood, tone, ideas behind this piece. Then we will play it in full -- 8 minutes. Write as much as you can as quickly as you can, try not to edit yourself. Just keep going

Combine music and words:
Find or create a interesting sentence and find music that fits the mood of the sentence

Other prompt ideas:
your a superhero for a day: who would you be?
your on a walk:where are you? where are you going?
from december 14 onward time will go backwards instead of forwards.
each day, one star falls from the sky...
you are on the brink of finding the cure for cancer...
you follow a butterfly....
Action - write a story/poem of an action scene (battle, running away from someone/thing, etc.)
-Why do we need to learn about technology? Or why not?
-Write about someone in your community who inspires you. No names please.
-Any photo prompts---they're always fun!
-A different type of photo prompt: take your own picture and write about it. Or for artists--draw/paint/create something and write about it.
-Love. People write/sing/dream about love all the time. What is it? Why do people long for it? Is it something worth writing/singing/dreaming about? What does it mean to you?
-Write about a pet.
-Every summer: what about the summer makes it special?
-(Related to above) What is your favorite season? Why?
-Write about a movie you recently watched, or a follow-up. Another version could be about a book you recently read.
-If you had to choose one thing from everything you have, what would it be, and why?
-You're given a new, empty house to decorate. Write a story, or describe how you would decorate it.
-You recieve a phone call from a mysterious person. Write a story about the call. Create suspense, and reveal the person at the end.
-"She/He was sitting in the diner all alone..." Write a story using this sentence.
- If you could buy one thing, what would it be? Why?
- You open your closet door: What do you see?
- An alien visits our planet. Write about what is most confusing to the alien about the way we live our lives.
- Have you or someone you know ever made a terrible mistake? Write a story or poem about it. Can all mistakes be forgiven?
- Write a story about traveling to a different place or time. Your story can be real or made-up, but make it believable.
- Imagine that your house has caught fire and everyone has escaped but you. Presuming everyone has made it out alive, but you have time to grab ONE object; what would it be? Why?
- Write about a moment when you discovered something new. You found something or you understood something or you came upon something or some place you had never seen before.
- Write a poem or tell a story about your saddest moment.
- Friends. Write about a moment in which someone you know and care about proved they were a friend. What did they do? How did they support you or what you believe?
- What is your favorite book? Tell us why you like it.
-Michigan, What is it really like to live here? If you were to tell a story about living in MI to someone from Africa or Australia, what story would you tell to show that person what it was like. Tell the person a story that would show him/her what your life is like
- Think about a moment when you made a decision that had big consequences, or create a character who makes a decision. It could be a big decision or a small one, a quick one or one you spent a long time thinking about. Write about what would have happened if you had chosen to do something different.
-My proudest moment … Tell us about a moment when you felt proud about something you did or accomplished.
- What rewards are worth working toward?
- I am … Tell us who you are, where you are from, what defines you. Do it in a poem or an anecdote.
-Freedom. What does it mean to you? Tell a story about a time when you felt free.
- Imagine coming across a wooden box in the attic of an old house. What’s in it? Who did it belong to? How did it get there? Write a story or poem about it, or about something you have found in an attic you have explored.
- Have you ever been in a house where things go bump in the night? Do you believe that some buildings or places are haunted? Is there one in your town? Tell us a story about it. Make it believable.
-If I ran the world, I would . . . Write a story or poem that finishes this sentence and tell us the first thing you’d do and why.
- Write about the color red.
-Grateful. Go beyond the cliché: Write about one thing for which you are grateful that no one knows about or no one expects.
- Tell a story about winter; it can focus on the holidays or the season – the weather, the outdoors, and the emotions.
- The number three. Use it in a story or poem.
-The bus. Write a story that takes place on a bus.
- Write a story about how you compete with a brother or sister. If you don’t have a sibling, write about what it’s like to be the lone child.
- You’ve been granted powers never thought possible. What are they and what will you do with them?
-The big win. Write about a time when you won big- Lost. Tell a story about losing something or getting lost. Write a story or poem about how you feel or how someone else felt because of a loss.
-Cold. Hate it? Love it? Want to move to Florida? Write about an experience you have had with cold.
-Rules. What's the silliest or most pointless rule you've ever encountered? Tell a story about it and tell how you got around the rule or got the rule changed.
- You are in an elevator. The door opens and in walks an annoying type of person. Suddenly the elevator stops between floors...tell us what happens. (No real people, please!)
- What do you avoid? What do you do to avoid doing it? Tell a story about a time when you avoided something. Make it funny.
- Pocket. You have found something strange in your pocket. Describe it to someone who has no sight. Tell the story of how it got there.
- Bullying. Have you been the recipient? What did it do to you? Have you ever bullied anyone? Why?
- Tell us a story about your best or worst experience in the rain.
-Phobias. Heights, small spaces, thunderstorms, spiders. Do you have a phobia? How do you deal with it? Nightmares, happy dreams, daydreams. Write about a dream you have had. Or, write about your dreams for the future.
- At last! Write about a time you succeeded at something you worked really hard on.

79 Free Cool Web tools:

Great technology websites for teachers:

Communication tools:
Google+ (social network)

* (cartoon movies)



80 Online Tools, References, and Resources

1. Thinkfinity: 2. National Geographic Xpeditions: 3. Culture Grams: 4. Asia Society: 5. BBC for Kids: 6. New York Times, Lesson Plans: 7. Teacher Corner: 8. Slide Share: 9. Free Rice-Vocabulary Site: 10. Free Poverty-Geography Site: 11. Learner: 12. International Reading Association: 13. OWL at Purdue U: 14. Blue Grammar Book: 15. ESL Flashcards: 16. Spellanywhere: 17. Rick Walton: 18. Fires in the Mind: 19. Edhelper: 20. RubiStar: 21. Byrd Seed Gifted Lessons: 22. Imagination Soup: 23. TED: 24. Professional Garfield: 25. Kid Blog: 26. That Quiz: 27. Academic Skill Builders: 28. Circle the Cat: 29. Sheppard Software: 30. Storyline Online: 31. ABCya!: 32. Study Zone: 33. Florida Assessment for Instruction in Reading:
34. Super Teacher Worksheets: 35. Discovery Education Streaming: 36. Busy Teacher’s Café: 37. Global Tech School: 38. Diigo: 39. Vocabulary and Spelling City: 40. Making Curriculum Pop:

7 Virtual Field Trips Every Teacher Ought to Know About
1. Google Art Projects
2. Google Sky
3. Smithsonian
5. The Oxford University Museum of Natural History
6. National Museum of the United States Air Force
7. Inside the White House

OHHHHH…just found 75 more

**Glogster** Great way to share posters and images youve made with friends
**Edmodo** Social learning environment and one of the best ways to teach with tech
**** Free application to brainstorm online
**Twitter** The micro blogging service that many love or hate.
**Prezi** Innovative way to share presentations without PowerPoint
**Animoto** Make beautiful videos from images in a snap
**Blabberize** Make your images talkthats right.
**Weebly** Create your own website or blog, very easy to use
**Flickr** Popular photo-sharing site now lets you print
**Slideshare** Dont waste your presentation after its over, share it with millions!

**Audioboo** Easily record and share audio
**GoogleSites** Make your own website while knowing nothing about websites!
**Delicious** One of the top social bookmarking sites on the web
**Diigo** Popular social bookmarking site
**Wordle** Create a beautiful aggregation of any amount of text
**Tagxedo** Like Wordle-a step farther as text can be used to build bigger images
**Zoho** A great alternative to Google Apps

**Primarypad** Web-based word processor
**Spicy Nodes** Innovative way to organize your web visits
**Voki** Get your own avatar and even have it talk with your voice
**DoInk** Create animations using this simple website
**Scratch** Create and share stories, games, art, etc.
**Kerpoof** Cool way to make a movie, card, picture, and share it all
**SmartKiddies** Creative math and other educational problems to help everyone learn
**Bitstrips** Make and share your own comic strips with thousands of others
**Popplet** An easy way to share visual ideas
**Zoo Burst** **** Digital storytelling tool- create 3D pop-up books.

**Storybird** Build your own stories (with images)- share **Storyjumper** Create stories and bring them to life
**Aviary Myna** Make your own music or remix
**TimeToast** Timeline visualization tool- history
**GoAnimate for schools** State of the art animation tools
**Schoology** Learning management, online education tools, and much more
**Google Timeline** A unique way to view the news
**Online-Convert** Convert anything to anything (audio, video, text, etc.)
**ReadWriteThink** Tons of classroom resources and PD goodies
**Word Magnets** Phonics reinforcement and sentence building exercise

**Museum Box** Innovative way to understand history
**Atmosphir** A build-your-own video game
**Empressr** Rich media presentation tool
**EasyBib** The free automatic bibliography and citation maker
**ToonDooSpaces** Easily publish custom comic strips
**Crocodoc** Annotate and edit PDFs
Collaborative Tools for Collaborative Projects

  • Individual accountability
  • Supportive interaction within groups
  • Social skill building (taking turns, active listening)
  • Reflective Group Processing (what did we learn, what did we like)
***Three tools to use that support best practices in collaborative learning:

  • Ning (social network- ages 13 and over)
  1. (example) Great for discussions, blogging, reflection
  • Google Docs (forms and spreadsheets) – writing and collaboration video on wiki
    1. Great for collaborative writing and editing
    2. Presentation capability (cannot imbed a video)
    3. Google form (example) Very cool! Many people can use this at the same time, get automatic results, and can sort instantly!
    4. Automatically saves for you! Can revert to an earlier version if your information is lost. Shows you when people are making revisions.
  • Wikispaces (Wiki = Hawaiian for “quick”)
    1. Simple and easy