Ecosystems Observations Wiki
  • Create your group's main page using the template.
  • From your group's main page, you will create a new page each day, linked to your group's main page. Each day, use the template for the menu choice you're using.
  • Choose a different choice each day until you have used all the choices. Then, you may repeat your favorite choices.
  • Make sure to follow ALL the directions for each menu choice and do ALL of the steps.

Observation Choices Menu
Include in each template a photograph and data collection table (number of animals/plants, length)
  1. Video podcast/newscast
  2. Audio podcast/radio newscast
  3. Powerpoint with photos
  4. Photostory
  5. Paragraph with photos
  6. Glog
  7. Diary entry (audio, video, paragraph) by animal/plant
  8. Tips on how to care for your ecocolumn plants and animals (any media)
  9. Introductions/overview of each plant and animal (any media)
  10. Requirements of living things--explain how each living thing gets their needs met in the ecocolumn/in nature (any media)
  11. Overview of ecocolumn; show and tell which elements are living/non-living (video or any media that allows for photos)
  12. Inspiration "Who Eats What?" food web